Storm Guard

StormGuard™ Filtration Bags are made with an advanced geosynthetic material that provides high flow rates and are impact and UV resistant.  These bags are filled with EarthLite™ Stormwater Filter Media.  Independent testing shows that EarthLite™ Stormwater Filter Media removes TSS, Heavy metals, Phosphorus, Oil, Grease and E.Coli.

Used and a temporary filter around catch basins, chanelized water and along linear strips to provide a consistent filter for sheet flow from impervious surfaces.   StormGuard™ Filtration Bags are an easy, inexpensive solution for problem catch basins and other areas where your stormwater discharge is not meeting benchmarks related to the new NPDES phase 2 requirements.

Standard sizes and custom sizing available, reusable by changing out the filter media when it becomes saturated.


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