Meydenbauer Stormwater Channel

Meydenbauer Streambank Protection

Streambank Restoration Project
Bellevue WA, summer 2009

City of Bellevue WA replaced an aging sewer system adjacent to Meydenbauer creek.  A sheet pile wall was driven 27 feet into soil for reinforcement for the new roadway and sewer line.   Envirolok was utilized to face the stream side of the sheet pile wall and prevent soil loss thru erosion.  Envirolok also restored the biological function of the streambank, keeping the city in compliance with no net loss of biological function mandated by Washington Dept of Ecology.  Project Background Access was extremely limited and all construction activities had to take place in a 12 foot right away.  The roadway needed to be passable at all times and Sunmark Environmental was able to complete this job it 4 working days.  All equipment was brought to the site daily as were the Envirolok system and backfill material.


Installation of Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall System, distributed and installed by Sunmark Environmental Services. Sunmark Environmental Services has a long history of working with native vegetation for erosion control, and is a Certified Installer of the Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall System




Permits Engineering
Provided by JE Jacobs of Bellevue WA. Sunmark Environmental coordinated the environmentally-sensitive solution by working with all the stakeholders and general contractors.




Environmental Review
City’s reaction, “A green solution to an ugly but necessary problem with a sheet pile wall”.





Project Fact Sheet

City of Bellevue WA

Contractor Installer:
Sunmark Environmental Services, LLC
12775 NE Marx St.
Portland OR 97230

Engineering Provided By:
J.E. Jacobs
600 108th Avenue, N.E.
Suite 700
Bellevue, Washington 98004
United States

Contact information provided on request