EarthLite™ Stormwater Filter Media

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EarthLite™ Stormwater Filter Media

Earthlite™ Stormwater Filter Media will solve stormwater problems naturally. Reducing harmful runoff during events where large amounts of water from rooftops or impervious surfaces inundate the stormwater system.  Earthlite™ will filter the water, and release it back to stormwater systems or to groundwater storage naturally, without chemicals, high maintenance or major facility upgrades.


Advantages of Using Earthlite™ Stormwater Filter Media

Earthlite™ Stormwater Filter Media has been field tested!  The customer results from Six different locations, three being steel fabricators, one heavy equipment yard, one heavy truck manufacturer and one roofing manufacturer, showed removal of up to 98% Zinc, 80% Copper and 67% Lead.

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